German-french border, covers an area of 50 acres of self-owned warehouse, radiation of Germany and France, near Benelux,
To provide you with safe and efficient local storage

Low code, free, process, so that you have more than Okura intelligent local storage solutions

Start your localized supply chain solution journey quickly

One-stop resource integration, synchronization of major cross-border e-commerce platforms, so that you can easily carry out cross-border e-commerce business

The localization ecological supply chain system of 321wms

Low-code, no-deployment, intelligent warehousing supply chain system built on Amazon Cloud, one-stop connection between overseas warehouses and cross-border e-commerce, intelligent, digital, networked, seamless communication between overseas warehouses and cross-border e-commerce

  • Directly-operated warehouse

    Covering an area of 50 acres, it is a directly-operated overseas warehouse located on the Germany-France border, with reach across Europe.

  • Local logistics

    After more than twenty years in operation in Germany, this local logistics network spreads across Europe, delivering your products to every consumer in Europe.

  • Intelligent WOMS System

    Embedded with ChatGPT, integrated within a low-code environment, this system offers high flexibility: both the process and scalability can be easily adjusted according to your needs.

  • Worry-free returns

    This system links every corner of Europe with a comprehensive return logistics network. Complemented by proprietary return software, it allows you to provide a unique shopping experience for your consumers.

  • 24/7 response

    We have service teams in both China and Germany, providing 24/7 responsive customer service for all your needs.

  • Amazon cloud architecture

    The server uses Amazon Cloud, ensuring safety, efficiency, and stability in its operations.

The first batch of cross-border e-commerce public overseas warehouses recognized by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce

  • eKey self-built, own property rights

    Saarland Overseas Barn Campus


    Located in the heart of Western Europe On the German side of the French-German border Radiates to Germany and France, close to the Netherlands and Belgium Close to residential areas for convenient living Near a highway and the Saar Canal


    Covers an area of 50 acres Two 12-meter-high warehouses, with an area of 12,000 square meters Two office buildings, covering an area of 2,200 square meters


    180km to Frankfurt Airport 250km to Liege Land Port and Air Port 340km to the Port of Antwerp, Belgium 10km to the state capital Saarbrücken main train station

  • eKey long term lease

    Frankfurt warehouse


    Total area of 20,000 square meters Has 4 platforms


    Frankfurt IAA International Motor Show International Book Fair International Musical Instrument Exhibition International Tire Exhibition International Lighting Exhibition


    8 km from the Frankfurt Exhibition 15 km from Frankfurt Airport 180 km from the Cologne Exhibition

Why choose eKey Overseas

  • · Deeply rooted in Europe for over twenty years, a reliable long-term partner.

  • · A full-service team based in Europe, your performance service expert.

  • · A service team spanning across Central Europe, providing 7*24 hours of uninterrupted service.

  • · China Chamber of Commerce endorsed outstanding cross-border e-commerce, state-backed, reliable.

  • · A continuously growing and developing supply chain system.

  • · A developed end-to-end service network covering all of Europe, ensuring the needs of e-commerce companies and consumers are met.

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