WOMS system

321WMS overseas warehouse supply chain management system

Make the overseas warehouse business operation process and improve the warehouse efficiency50%

In-depth study of small and medium-sized overseas warehouses and cross-border e-commerce pain points, accurate solution
Overseas warehouse and cross-border e-commerce core demands

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Why choose 321WMS Overseas Warehouse Supply Chain Management System

  • Business flexibility 100%

    Low code process design, to meet different customers different warehousing and warehousing processes

  • Communication efficiency increased by 90%

    System-based WMS and OMS online messaging systems significantly reduce non-system communication and improve business efficiency

  • The SKU recognition rate is 99%

    Multi-specification Barcode system, compatible with various bar code requirements

  • Serial number record 100%

    Precise single sku, single batch serial number management system to ensure that each shipment can be traced

  • The storage location is 99% accurate

    The unique ID and Barcode design of warehouse location ensure the optimal warehouse location and picking sequence

System highlight

Amazon Cloud architecture, deployment free

Warehouse without IT, open immediately use

Low code process design

Process of warehousing and warehousing

·Support simple, inventory, photo, abnormal storage

·Support simple delivery, weighing, photographing, serial number record delivery

Return process

·Support forecast returns, no forecast returns

·Support bulk returns into the warehouse

·Support system order return automatic association

  • SKU Barcode design

    ·Supports custom SKUs

    ·Support platform sku

    ·Supports EAN and UPC international codes

    ·Supports mapping and binding of other cross-border e-commerce SKUs and system SKUs

  • Link to major e-commerce platforms

    Amazon \ ebay \ Otto
  • Links to mainstream logistics in Europe

    Enable terminal delivery with one click
  • Process node charging

    ·Set charging nodes according to the process

    ·Add or subtract toll nodes at will

    ·Free, flexible, charge arbitrary expansion

System scenario architecture