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eKey Warehousing GmbH (Dot Warehouse) _ A subsidiary of oubo International

Based in Europe, eKey Warehousing GmbH carries the dream of Chinese companies advancing into the European market.

eKey (part of the business provided by companies under oubo International) — provides Chinese enterprises venturing into Europe with local warehousing, WOMS system, logistics, online and offline marketing, AI and other services. It is the most reliable partner for Chinese enterprises to develop the European market.
It provides the WOMS system for small and medium-sized warehouse owners in Europe, has a large number of small and medium-sized seller customers, and preferential European logistics distribution channels, making it a reliable platform for European small and medium-sized warehouse owners to expand their customers.

  • Small and medium-sized cross-border sellers

  • eKey Warehousing GmbH-Spot Warehous
    321WOMS Software Service Platform

  • Small and medium-sized warehouses.

Our achievements are jointly completed with the enterprises of OBOR International

Factory (Brand) European market - Online + Offline + integrated marketing

  • Online promotion

    Build an official European website and target google ads
    Accurate evaluation, network celebrity promotion
    Build social media outreach

  • Offline promotion

    Provide dedicated local sales talent and local channels to help spread the offline market
    Deutsche Post targeted customer advertising marketing
    Exhibition, exhibition, brochure

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade: A prominent Chinese cross-border e-commerce company 

collaborates with a listed factory. 

They provide consistent and steady warehousing and logistics services to over ten customers from European local warehouses.


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eKey Warehousing Germany GmbH (Dot bank Germany)A subsidiary of OBor International

The most reliable partner for Chinese brands to explore the European market

Headquartered in:Adam-Opel-Str. 10-12Gebäude A60386 Frankfurt am Main
Storage park:Uttersbergstr. 8,66333 Völklingen
Beijing Branch: Hong Kong Travel Building 805
Dalian Branch: 2911, Building 8, Red Star International Plaza
Shanghai Branch: 901 Jahwa Financial Building (Beiwai Beach)
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