The value we can provide to cross-border businesses

Reduce warehousing costs and logistics expenses for enterprises, improve the efficiency of the use of funds for enterprises, and improve the shopping experience of European consumers

What does eKey do for cross-border e-commerce companies?

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    With a central warehouse located at the German-French border, we provide safe, efficient, and preferential local storage services for cross-border sellers.

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    Utilizing our internally developed WMS software cloud platform, we connect small and medium-sized European warehousing companies, providing cross-border e-commerce businesses with a storage network spread across Europe, equipped with advanced software.

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    With our internally developed AI smart customer service system, we provide an automated customer service system with no language barriers for cross-border e-commerce businesses, making it convenient for businesses to serve their end consumers better.

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    We help cross-border e-commerce businesses perfect the last mile delivery, providing high-quality service to consumers.

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    We provide a full range of services for Chinese customers to enter the European market, including warehousing, logistics, brand building/sustaining, and sales.

Advantages of eKey

  • · Deeply rooted in Europe for over twenty years, a reliable long-term partner.

  • · A full-service team based in Europe, your performance service expert.

  • · A service team spanning across Central Europe, providing 7*24 hours of uninterrupted service.

  • · China Chamber of Commerce endorsed outstanding cross-border e-commerce, state-backed, reliable.

  • · A continuously growing and developing supply chain system.

  • · A developed end-to-end service network covering all of Europe, ensuring the needs of e-commerce companies and consumers are met.

Advantages of eKey

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