Survey table of customer demand for German overseas warehouse service

Dear customer

In order to timely and accurately provide overseas warehouse services and prices that meet your requirements, please fill in the following research information, thank you.

Company information

  • Corporation

  • Contact person

  • Connection E-mail

  • Date

Product information

  • Main product categories

  • Product package size (longest side L+ shortest side H)

  • Product with packaging specifications

  • Product with packaging gross weight G.W (KG)

  • Whether the product contains dangerous goods such as batteries

Warehouse information

  • Quantity and volume of goods first warehoused

  • Quantity and volume of incoming goods (average)

  • Warehousing frequency (monthly or weekly warehousing frequency)

Shipping information

  • Shipping type

  • Delivery frequency

  • Special delivery requirements

Return information

  • Do you need to provide the return address

  • Whether it is necessary to provide return receipt service

  • Whether the return needs to be processed

  • Whether the return needs to be processed

Other customer needs

Product picture