Privacy Policies

Privacy Policy 321wms for eKey

Privacy Policy 321wms for eKey


effective date2023 - 08 - 20


1.  Name and contact details of the body responsible for the data processing (“Controller”)

This Privacy Policy applies to the data processing by:

eKey Warehouse GmbH

Adam-Opel-Str.10 im Hof. Geb.A 

60386 Frankfurt am Main Germany


This Privacy Policy applies for the following domains and their subdomains as well as all services offered by eKey and other responsible domains.


2. Collection and use of your data

 The  scope  and  nature  of  the  collection  and  use  of  your  data  differ  according  to  whether  you  only  visit  our  website  for  obtaining  information  or  use  any  offers  we  propose  on  our  website  which  require  you  to  disclose  further data concerning you.


2.1.When you visit our website

 When  you  visit  our  website,  the  browser  which  you  use  on  your  terminal  automatically  sends  information  to  the  server  of  our  website.  This  information  is  temporarily stored in a so-called log file.

 The  following  information  is  collected  without  any  contribution  on  your  part  and  stored  until  its  automated deletion:


 ● IP address of the requesting computer,

 ● Date and time of access,

 ● Name and URL of the retrieved file,

 ● Website  from  which  the  access  is  made  (referrer URL),

 ● the  browser  used  and,  as  the  case  may  be,  the  operating  system  of  your  computer  and  the  name of your access provider.


If  you  visit  our  website  for  information  purposes  only,  we  only  collect  and  use  the  aforesaid  information  as non-personalised  data.  The  collection  and  use  of  this  data  is  indispensable  to  enable  the  use  of  the  web  pages  you  have  accessed  and  to  enable  us  to  control  whether  the  web  pages  are  displayed  to  you  in  an  optimal manner.

 We  use  the  IP  address  only  for  the  duration  of  your  visit  and  store  the  data  exclusively  in  anonymised  form  for  logging  purposes;  for  this,  we  shorten  the  IP  address  such  that  it  can  no  longer  be  related  to  a  specific  computer.

 The  legal  basis  for  the  processing  is  Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (f)  GDPR  (weighing  of  interests)  and  the  processing  is  based  on  our  interest  in  displaying  our  web  pages  to  you  in  a  reliable  and  preferably  failure-free manner.

2.2.When you subscribe to our newsletter

Subject to your explicit consent given under Art. 6 (1) sentence 1 point (a) GDPR, we will also use your email address for sending you our regular newsletter. If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we will send you regular emails to provide you with current information and offers regarding our services. If you want to receive the newsletter, you only need to provide us with an email address.


For the subscription to our newsletter, we use the so-called double opt-in procedure. This means that, after you have provided us with your email address, we will send you a confirmation email to the email address provided by you, in which we ask you to confirm that you want us to send you our newsletter. If you do not confirm our email within 24 hours, your subscription will be deleted automatically. If you confirm your subscription to the newsletter, we will store your email address until you unsubscribe. The storage only serves the purpose of enabling the sending of the newsletter. In addition, we store the IP addresses from which you subscribe to the newsletter and confirm your subscription as well as the times when you do that, in order to prevent any misuse of your personal data.


The only required field for sending the newsletter is your email address. If you disclose further data to us, these will be used for personalising the newsletter. These data, too, will be deleted completely when you unsubscribe or withdraw your consent. You may at any time withdraw your consent to receiving the newsletter. You can withdraw your consent by clicking the link which is provided in every newsletter email.


2.3. When you use the contact form

We  can  propose  the  option  to  contact  us  through  the  contact  form  provided  on  our  website.  In  this  case,  you  will  be  asked  to  fill  in  certain  required  fields,  which  may  differ  depending  on  the  nature  and  purpose  of  the  request or contact form.

 We  collect  your  personal  data  if  you  voluntarily  disclose  them  to  us  for  the  purposes  of  your  request  or  when  you  contact  us.  Required  fields  are  specifically  marked.  You  can  see  from  the  entry  forms  which  data  we collect.

 The  data  processing  for  the  purpose  of  contacting  us  is  based  on  your  voluntary  consent  according  to  Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (a)  GDPR.  The  personal  data  we  collect  when  you  use  the  contact  form  will  be  deleted  a��er your request has been processed.

 If  you  are  already  our  customer  and  send  us  a  request  in  the  context  of  our  contractual  relationship,  we  will  use  the  data  you  have  provided  to  us  for  processing  your  requests  in  accordance  with  Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (b)  GDPR  (necessary  for  contract  performance).  A��er  the  request  has  been  finally  processed  or  the  contract  has  been  performed,  the  further  processing  of  your  data  will  be  restricted  and  the  data  will  be  deleted  a��er expiry of the statutory retention periods.


3 Registration / Customer account

If  you  use  our  website  or  another  communication  channel  to  enter  into  a  contract  with  us  for  the  use  of  our  services,  your  data  will  be  stored  in  a  customer  account.

 We  collect  personal  data  if  you  disclose  them  to  us  voluntarily  in  the  context  of  contract  initiation  or  when  you  contact  us  or  when  a  customer  account  is  established.  Required  fields  are  specifically  marked  because  we  are  in  need  of  these  data  for  contract  performance,  for  processing  your  contact  request  or  for  establishing  the  customer  account.  The  purchase  order  and/or  opening  of  the  customer  account  cannot  be  completed  and/or  the  contact  request  cannot  be  processed without these data.


You  can  see  from  the  entry  forms  and/or  the  fields  in  the  forms  which  data  are  collected.  We  use  the  data  you  have  disclosed  to  us  for  performing  the  contract  and  for  processing  your  requests,  as  provided  for  by  Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (b)  GDPR  (necessary  for  contract  performance).  A��er  the  contract  performance  has  been  completed  or  your  customer  account  has  been  deleted,  the  further  processing  of  your  data  will  be  restricted  and  the  data  will  be  deleted  a��er  expiry  of  the  retention  periods  prescribed  by  tax  law  and  commercial law.

 The  use  of  the  data  will  only  be  continued  if  you  have  explicitly  consented  to  the  further  processing  of  your  data  or  we  have  reserved  the  right  of  further  use  of  the  data,  provided  this  is  permitted  by  law  and  we  have  informed  you  about  such  further  use  in  this  Privacy  Policy.  You  can  delete  the  customer  account  at  any  time,  either  by  sending  a  message  to  the  contact  address  stated  herein  or  by  using  the  appropriate  feature in the customer account.



4 Transfer of data


Your  personal  data  are  not  transferred  to  third  parties  for  purposes  other  than  those  stated  in  this  Privacy  Policy.


We  only  disclose  or  transfer  your  personal  data  to  third  parties if:

●you  have  explicitly  consented  to  the  disclosure  or  transfer  according  to  Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point (a) GDPR,

● the  disclosure  or  transfer  is  necessary  for  the  establishment,  exercise  or  defence  of  legal  claims  according  to  Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (f)  GDPR  and  there  is  no  reason  to  assume  that  you  have  an  overriding  interest  in  the  non-disclosure of your data,

● there  is  a  legal  obligation  to  disclose  or  transfer  the  data  according  to  Art.  6  (1)  sentence 1 point (c) GDPR, and

● this  is  permitted  by  law  and  necessary  for  performing  contractual  relationships  with  you  according  to  Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (b)  GDPR.


5 Payment service provider

 We  use  paypal  (PayPal  (Europe)  S.à  r.l.  et  Cie,  S.C.A.,  22-24  Boulevard  Royal,  L-2449  Luxembourg)  as  a  payment  service  provider  whose  platforms  can  be  used  by  us  and  the  users  for  processing  payment  transactions  for  plug-in  purchases  on  plentymarketplace.  The  Privacy  Policy  of  paypal  is  available under the following link:  -full

 The  legal  basis  for  involving  the  payment  service  providers  in  the  context  of  contract  performance  is  Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (b)  GDPR.  Otherwise,  we  involve  external  payment  service  providers  based  on  our  legitimate  interests  according  to  Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (f)  GDPR  to  provide  our  users  with  an  efficient  and secure payment option.


The  processing  of  payment  transactions  is  governed  by  the  terms  and  conditions  of  business  and  the  data  protection  information  of  the  payment  service  provider,  which  can  be  retrieved  directly  from  the  payment  service  providers  during  the  payment  process.  With  respect  to  the  data  stored  by  the  payment  service  provider,  you  may  assert  against  the  payment  service  provider  the  right  of  access  to,  and  information  about,  the  stored  data  as  well  as  all  other  rights to which you are entitled as a data subject.


The  data  processed  by  the  payment  service  provider  include,  for  instance,  names  and  addresses,  bank  details  (e.g.  account  numbers  or  credit  card  numbers,  access  data  and  checksums)  as  well  as  the  details  of  the  payment  and  the  payment  recipient.  This  information  is  necessary  for  processing  the  payment  transaction.  The  data  provided  by  you  are  processed  and  stored  exclusively  by  the  payment  service  provider.  We  only  get  informed  about  whether  the  payment  has  been  confirmed  or  rejected.  However,  the  payment  service  providers  may  transfer  the  data  to  credit  enquiry  agencies.  For  this,  please  read  the  GTC  and  data  protection  information  of  the  relevant  payment  service provider.


6.1 Hosting

In  order  to  provide  the  services  we  offer  and  keep  our  online  offer  available,  we  engage  service  providers  who  provide  the  technical  infrastructure.  If  and  to  the  extent  necessary,  we  have  concluded  with  our  service  providers  agreements  for  data  processing  on  our  behalf.  We  have  informed  our  contractual  partners  that  the relevant service providers act as our sub-suppliers.


If  your  data  are  not  processed  within  the  European  Union,  they  may  only  be  processed  in  a  third  country  if  the  special  conditions  of  Art.  44  et  seq.  GDPR  are  fulfilled.  This  means  that  the  processing  of  your  data  is  subject  to  compliance  with  appropriate  safeguards.  Such  safeguards  may  consist  either  in  a  so-called  adequacy  decision  whereby  the  EU  Commission  decides  that  the  relevant  third  country  ensures  an  adequate  data  protection  level  equal  to  that  of  the  EU  or  in  the  compliance  with  officially  acknowledged  special  contractual  obligations  -  the  so-called  “standard contractual clauses”.



6.2 AWS

We  use  the  services  of  the  provider  Amazon Web Services, Inc(AWS).  Further  information  on  data  processing  by   services  can  be  found  in  the  privacy policy of Amazon Web Services, Inc.:

Amazon Web Services, Inc.        


410 Terry Avenue North,

Seattle, WA 98109-5210



LaunchNotes    Amazon Web Services, Inc.  is  a  hosting  provider  for  us.  A  section  of  our  website  is  provided  by  this  provider.  The  legal  basis  for  the  processing  is  Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (f)  GDPR  (weighing  of  interests)  and  the  processing  is  based  on  our  interest  in  displaying  our  web  pages  in  a  reliable  and preferably failure-free manner.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.        


410 Terry Avenue North,

Seattle, WA 98109-5210



7 Cookies and Analysis Functions


We  use  cookies  on  our  website.  These  are  small  files  which  are  automatically  generated  by  your  browser  and  stored  on  your  terminal  (laptop,  tablet,  smartphone  or  the  like)  when  you  visit  our  website.  Cookies  do  not  cause  any  harm  to  your  terminal,  they  do not contain viruses, trojans or other malware.


In  the  cookie,  information  is  stored  which  arises  in  connection  with  the  specific  terminal  used.  However,  this  does  not  mean  that  we  can  immediately  identify  you by that information.


First  of  all,  the  use  of  cookies  helps  us  make  the  use  of  our  website  more  comfortable  for  you.  We  use  so-called  session  cookies  to  recognise  that  you  have  already  visited  individual  pages  of  our  website  before.  These  cookies  are  deleted  automatically  when  you  have le�� our website.


In  addition,  also  for  the  purpose  of  optimising  the  user-friendliness  of  our  website,  we  use  temporary  cookies  which  are  stored  on  your  terminal  for  a  certain  specified  period.  If  you  come  back  to  our  website  and  use  our  services  again,  we  automatically  recognise  that  you  have  already  visited  us  before  and  we  know  which  entries  you  have  made  and  which  settings  you  have  chosen before to spare you from entering them again.



You  can  in  your  discretion  set  your  browser  to  accept  or  block  the  setting  and  retrieval  of  cookies.  You  can,  for  instance,  completely  disable  the  storage  of  cookies  in  your  browser  or  restrict  their  storage  to  certain  websites  or  configure  your  browser  to  alert  you  automatically  when  a  cookie  is  being  set  and  ask  you  for  acceptance  or  refusal.  You  can  also  block  or  delete  certain  individual  cookies.  This  may  however  cause  certain  features  of  our  website  to  be  impaired  for  technical reasons so that they no longer work properly.


• Essential  cookies  enable  the  basic  features  and  functions  and  are  necessary  to  ensure  faultless operation of the website.

• Statistics  cookies  collect  information  in  anonymous  form.  This  information  helps  us  understand  how  our  visitors  interact  with  our  website.

• Contents  of  video  platforms  and  social  media  platforms  are  blocked  by  default.  If  cookies  of  external  media  are  accepted,  access  to  these  contents  no  longer  requires  manual  acceptance.

• Functional  cookies  allow  user  choices  and  preferred  user  settings  to  be  saved  (e.g.  the  disabling of automatic language redirection).


We  only  use  statistics  cookies,  cookies  of  external  media  and  largely  functional  cookies  if  you  consent  to  their  use.  You  can  accept  or  refuse  these  cookies  by  clicking  a  banner  which  appears  when  the  cookie  which  is  necessary  for  choosing  the  aforesaid  functions  has  not  yet  been  set  (consent  cookie).  The  acceptance  or  refusal  is  saved  in  this  consent  cookie  which  is  an  essential cookie.


8 Integration of third-party services

On  our  website,  we  use  content  or  services  offered  by  third  parties;  the  legal  basis  for  this  use  is  either  our  legitimate  interest  (Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (f)  GDPR)  or  the  consent  you  have  given  (Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point (a) GDPR).


The  functioning  of  the  said  contents  requires  the  parties  providing  them  to  identify  the  IP  addresses  of  the  users.  The  IP  address  is  necessary  for  displaying  and using the contents.


However,  the  third-party  providers  may  also  use  pixel  tags  or  cookies  for  statistical  purposes  or  marketing  purposes.  Pixel  tags  are  invisible  graphics,  which  are  also  called  “web  beacons”.  They  allow  the  providers  to  collect  and  analyse  additional  information  about  the  interaction  with  websites.  This  Privacy  Policy  explains  to  you  how  you  can  disable  or  restrict  the  use  of  these  data which are usually anonymous.


The  following  data  are  processed  where  third-party  services are integrated in our website:


• Data  categories:  usage  data  (e.g.  websites  visited,  interest  in  contents,  times  of  access),  meta  /  communication  data  (e.g.  IP  addresses,  device information).

• Data  subjects:  website  visitors  and  users  of  online services.

• Purposes  of  the  processing:  marketing,  profiles  with  user-related  information,  remarketing,  identification  of  audiences  that  are  relevant  for  marketing  purposes  or  other  content  issue,  measuring  the  efficiency  of  marketing measures.

• Security  measures:  seudonymization  of  IP  addresses.


The  legal  basis  for  the  data  processing  is  the  data  subjectʼs  consent  (Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (a)  GDPR)  or  the  providerʼs  legitimate  interest  (Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1 point (f) GDPR).

 If  your  data  are  not  processed  within  the  European  Union,  they  may  only  be  processed  in  a  third  country  if  the  special  conditions  of  Art.  44  et  seq.  GDPR  are  fulfilled.  This  means  that  the  processing  of  your  data  is  subject  to  compliance  with  appropriate  safeguards.  Such  safeguards  may  consist  either  in  a  so-called  adequacy  decision  whereby  the  EU  Commission  decides  that  the  relevant  third  country  ensures  an  adequate  data  protection  level  equal  to  that  of  the  EU  or  in  the  compliance  with  officially  acknowledged  special  contractual  obligations  -  the  so-called  “standard contractual clauses”.


9 Consent and withdrawal of consent

 If  and  to  the  extent  that  we  are  not  allowed  to  process  personal  data  for  the  purposes  of  our  legitimate  interests  (Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (f)  GDPR)  or  for  the  purposes  of  contract  performance  (Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (b)  GDPR),  as  described  in  the  foregoing provisions,  the  processing  is  based  on  the  consent  given  by  you  (Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (a)  GDPR).  As  far  as  our  website  is  concerned,  a  banner  is  displayed  to  you  asking  for  your  consent.  There  you  can  give  or  deny  consent  to  the  features  and  functions  specified  in  § 9 and § 10 of this Privacy Policy.


You  may  at  any  time  withdraw  your  consent  with  effect  for  the  future  by  adjusting  your  personal  settings  in  the  field  “Cookie  settings”  or  “See/change  my  privacy  settings”  at  the  bottom  of  our  websites  where  you  can  activate or deactivate the relevant buttons.


For  the  purposes  of  the  contractual  services  we  provide,  we  conclude  with  our  customers  agreements  for  data  processing  on  behalf,  which  contain  further  information  and  regulations  regarding  the  data  processing.


We  explicitly  refer  to  the  data  protection  information  of  the  relevant  providers  and  the  proposed  opt-out  options.  If  no  opt-out  option  is  offered  in  any  individual  case,  you  may  in  any  case  disable  the  cookies  in  your  browser  settings.  This  may  however  cause  restrictions  of the features and functions of our website.


You  can  also  use  general  opt-out  options.  The  following  options are available:


 and for all territories:



10 AWS


We  use  the  services  of  the  provider  AWS  for  the  hosting  and  management  of  our  websites.  These  services  are  provided  by  Amazon Web Services, Inc.        


410 Terry Avenue North,

Seattle, WA 98109-5210



Further  information  on  data  processing  by  Hubspot  and  Hubspot's  services  can  be  found  in  HubSpot's  privacy policy:


We use the following AWS services:


● AWS LoadBalancer


 We  use  the  service  to  access  additional  services  and  data  from  HubSpot,  Inc.  Your  IP  address  is  transmitted  in  the  process.  The  use  is  based  on  our  legitimate  interests  in  the  provision  of  our  website  and  its  optimisation  (pursuant  to  Art.  6  para.  1  lit.  f.  GDPR).


● AWS CloudFront


 A  CDN  is  used  to  make  the  content  of  our  websites,  in  this  case  files  such  as  graphics  or  scripts,  available  more  quickly  with  the  help  of  regionally  or  internationally  distributed  servers.  When  you  access  this  content,  you  establish  a  connection  to  HubSpot's  servers,  whereby  your  IP  address  and  possibly  browser  data  such  as  your  user  agent  are  transmitted.  This  data  is  processed  exclusively  for  the  above-mentioned  purposes  and  to  maintain  the  security  and  functionality  of  the  HubSpot  CDN.  The  use  of  the  CDN  is  based  on  our  legitimate  interests,i. e.  interest  in  the  secure  and  efficient  provision  of  our  websites  within  the  meaning  of  Art.  6  para.  1  lit. f. GDPR.


● Analytics

We use AWS CloudWatch as an analysis service for the statistical  evaluation  of  our  websites.  This  includes,  for  example,  the  number  of  visits  to  our  website,  subpages  visited  and  the  time  spent  by  visitors.  HubSpot  Analytics  uses  cookies  and  other  browser  technologies  to  evaluate  user  behaviour  and  recognise  users.  We  process  data  with  the  help  of  HubSpot  Analytics  for  the  purpose  of  optimising  our  website  and  for  marketing  purposes  on  the  basis  of  your  consent  in  accordance  with  Art.  6  para.  1 lit. a. GDPR.


11Newsletter tracking

 If  the  user,  when  subscribing  to  the  newsletter,  was  explicitly  made  aware  of  tracking  for  statistical  purposes  and  has  consented  thereto,  we  are  allowed  to  carry  out  newsletter  tracking.  For  this  purpose,  we  use  a  web  beacon  (also  called  tracking  pixel).  When  sending  the  newsletter,  the  external  server  can  collect  certain  data  of  the  recipient  such  as  the  time  of  access,  the  IP  address  or  information  on  the  email  so��ware  used by the recipient (client).

 The  name  of  the  image  file  is  individualised  for  each  email  recipient  by  adding  a  unique  ID.  The  email  sender  remembers  which  ID  belongs  to  which  email  address  and,  when  an  image  is  retrieved,  the  sender  can  determine  which  newsletter  recipient  has  just  opened the email.


We  store  and  analyse  the  personal  data  which  are  collected  by  the  tracking  pixels  contained  in  the  newsletters  to  optimise  the  newsletter  distribution  and  better  tailor  the  content  of  future  newsletter  to  the  recipients’  interests.  The  data  are  not  transferred  or  disclosed to third parties.


The  user  can  prevent  the  tracking  by  setting  his/her  email  so��ware  to  disable  the  loading  of  images  in  emails.  If  the  user  unsubscribes  from  the  newsletter,  we  will  consider  this  as  a  withdrawal  of  the  userʼs  consent.


12 Social media


We  have  pages  on  the  social  networks.  This  is  another  channel  for  us  to  inform  our  customers  and  potential  customers  about  the  services  we  offer.  The  networks  can  also  be  used  for  simple  communication  or  interaction  regarding  our  services  and  our  company.  For  this,  the  terms  and  conditions  of  business  and  the  privacy policies of the platform operators apply.

 The  data  of  the  users  may  be  processed  outside  the  European  Union,  which  may  bear  risks.  It  may  for  instance  be  more  difficult  for  the  user  to  assert  and  enforce his/her rights.

 The  social  media  providers  usually  use  the  data  in  the  social  networks  to  prepare  user  profiles,  which  influences  the  display  of  ads  and  other  contents.  For  this  purpose,  the  providers  use  cookies  which  store  the  user  behaviour  and  the  interests  of  the  users.  For  the  details  regarding  the  nature  and  scope  of  the  processing  and  the  possibilities  to  opt  out  or  object  to  the  processing,  please  go  to  the  terms  of  service  and  the privacy policies of the relevant networks.

 You  can  always  address  any  information  requests  and  claims  regarding  your  rights  as  a  data  subject  directly  to  the  relevant  platform.  The  assertion  of  claims  directly  with  the  platform  is  more  efficient  because  only  the  network  operators  have  direct  access  to  the  data. We will support and assist you if needed.

 We  are  also  allowed  within  the  limits  of  this  Privacy  Policy  to  process  the  data  which  customers,  potential  customers  and  users  provide  to  us  through  the  platforms.  The  processing  is  based  on  your  consent  (Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (a)  GDPR)  or  on  the  purpose  of  contract  performance  (Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (b)  GDPR)  or  on  our  legitimate  interest  (Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1 point (f) GDPR).



13  Data  protection  in  applications  and  application  procedures

 We  collect  and  process  personal  data  of  applicants  for  handling  and  processing  application  procedures.  The  data  may  also  be  processed  electronically,  which  in  particular  occurs  when  an  applicant  sends  his/her  application  documents  electronically,  e.g.  by  email.  If  we  enter  into  an  employment  contract  with  an  applicant,  the  data  provided  to  us  are  stored  in  accordance  with  the  statutory  provisions  for  the  purpose  of  processing  the  employment  relationship.  If  we  do  not  enter  into  an  employment  contract  with  the  applicant,  the  application  documents  will  be  deleted  three  months  a��er  the  application  has  been  rejected  unless  there  are  other  legitimate  interests  preventing  the  deletion.  Such  a  legitimate  interest  may  for  instance  be  the  burden  of  proof  in  proceedings  under  the  Allgemeines  Gleichbehandlungsgesetz  (German  General Act on Equal Treatment - “AGG”).


The  legal  basis  for  the  data  processing  is  Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (b)  GDPR  if  and  to  the  extent  the  processing  is  necessary  in  order  to  take  steps  prior  to  entering  into  a  contract.  If  no  employment  contract  is  concluded,  the  data  processing  is  based  on  Art.  6  (1)  sentence 1 point (f) GDPR.


14 Termination, correction and deletion


As  a  user,  you  can  at  any  time  terminate  the  registration.  You  can  have  your  personal  data  which  have  been  stored  by  us  corrected  at  any  time.  Please  let  us  know  if  you  want  to  renounce  digital  provision  of  the  data.

 If  the  data  are  necessary  for  the  performance  of  a  contract  or  in  order  to  take  steps  prior  to  entering  into  a  contract,  early  deletion  of  the  data  is  only  possible  if  there  is  no  contractual  or  legal  obligation  preventing  the deletion.

 15 Rights of the data subject

 You have the right

• under  Art.  15  GDPR  to  obtain  information  about,  and  access  to,  your  personal  data  processed  by  us.  You  may  in  particular  (without  limitation)  request  information  about  the  purposes  of  the  processing,  the  categories  of  the  personal  data  concerned,  the  categories  of  recipients  to  whom  your  data  have  been  or  are  being  disclosed,  the  envisaged  period  of  storage,  the  existence  of  the  right  to  request  rectification  or  erasure  of  personal  data  or  restriction  of  processing  or  the  right  to  object  to  the  processing,  the  existence  of  the  right  to  lodge  a  complaint,  the  source  of  the  data  if  they  have  not  been  collected  by  us  as  well  as  about  the  existence  of  automated  decision-making  including  profiling  and,  if  applicable,  meaningful  information  about  the  details thereof.

 ● under  Art.  16  GDPR  to  request  and  obtain  without  undue  delay  the  rectification  of  inaccurate,  or  completion  of  incomplete,  personal  data  concerning  you  which  we  have  stored;

 ● under  Art.  17  GDPR  to  request  and  obtain  the  erasure  of  your  personal  data  stored  by  us  unless  the  processing  is  necessary  for  exercising  the  right  of  freedom  of  expression  and  the  right  to  information,  for  compliance  with  a  legal  obligation,  for  reasons  of  public  interest  or  for  the  establishment,  exercise  or  defence  of  legal  claims;

 ● under  Art.  18  GDPR  to  request  and  obtain  the  restriction  of  the  processing  of  your  personal data  if  the  accuracy  of  the  personal  data  is  contested  by  you,  the  processing  is  unlawful  and  you  oppose  the  erasure  of  the  personal  data  and  we  no  longer  need  the  personal  data  but  they  are  required  by  you  for  the  establishment,  exercise  or  defence  of  legal  claims  or  if  you  have  objected  to  the  processing  pursuant  to  Art.  21  (1) GDPR;

● under  Art.  20  GDPR  to  receive  the  personal  data  you  have  provided  to  us  in  a  structured,  commonly  used  and  machine-readable  format  or  to  request  the  transmission  of  the  data  to  another controller;

 ● under  Art.  7  (3)  GDPR  to  withdraw  your  consent  given  to  us  at  any  time.  As  a  consequence,  we  will  no  longer  be  allowed  to  continue  the  data  processing,  which  was  based  on  that  consent,  in  the future; and

 ● under  Art.  77  GDPR  to  lodge  a  complaint  with  a  supervisory  authority.  As  a  rule,  you  can  lodge  the  complaint  with  the  supervisory  authority  at  the  place  of  your  habitual  residence  or  your  place of work or our company domicile.


16 Right to object


You  have  the  right  under  Art.  21  GDPR  to  object,  on  grounds  relating  to  your  particular  situation,  at  any  time  to  the  processing  of  your  personal  data  which  is  based  on  legitimate  interests  according  to  Art.  6  (1)  sentence  1  point  (f)  GDPR,  or  if  your  data  are  processed  for  direct  marketing  purposes.  In  the  latter  case,  you  have  an  unconditional  right  to  object  to  the  processing,  which  we  will  admit  and  implement  without  any  need  for you to state a particular situation.

 For  exercising  your  right  of  withdrawal  or  objection,  it  will  be  sufficient  to  send  an  email  to  the  email  address  indicated in this Privacy Policy.


17  Data security


While  you  are  visiting  our  website,  we  use  the  common  SSL  procedure  (Secure  Socket  Layer)  in  combination  with  the  highest  encryption  level  that  is  supported  by  your  browser.  This  usually  is  the  256-bit  encryption.  If  your  browser  does  not  support  256-bit  encryption,  we  use  the  128-bit  v3  technology  instead.  You  can  see  by  the  closed  key  or  lock  symbol  in  the  status  bar  at  the  bottom  of  your  browser  window  whether  or  not  the

transmission  of  individual  pages  of  our  website  is  encrypted.


In  addition,  we  use  appropriate  technical  and  organisational  measures  to  protect  your  data  from  accidental  or  wilful  manipulation,  partial  or  total  loss,  destruction  or  unauthorised  access  by  third  parties.  Our  security  measures  are  continuously  improved  according to technological progress.


18 Language version

This  document  is  drafted  in  German  and  English.  The  English  version  is  for  convenience  purposes  only.  In  the  case  of  discrepancies  or  differences  in  the  interpretation  of  the  German  version  on  the  one  hand  and  the  English  version  on  the  other  hand,  the  German  version shall be authoritative and exclusively binding.

Data protection officer


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